About UES Committee

The focus of the Urban Education Symposium committee is bringing community leaders together to discuss issues related to “Reclaiming the Black Male Youth”. We are educators, parents, business owners, and volunteers committed to advocating for the implementation of effective education strategies for young Black Males.

Reading Comprehension

Closing the gap in reading proficiency scores

We believe that reading is the fundemental skill that enables students with the power to learn any subject. In an effort to establish accountability when educating Black males, we measure school effectiveness by their ability to make gains in closing the FSA Reading Score gap between Black and White males.

Out of School Suspensions

Reducing the disproportionate frequency of out of school suspensions

Students are not receiving a quality education if they are not in school. However, young black males are suspended from school at an alarming rate. Our desire is to see a reduction in the amount of out of school suspensions of young black males in Northeast Florida.

The Edge Up Talk

The effort of reclaiming young black males cannot be achieved without hearing from mind of young black males. Our EdgeUp series is an open dialog with students in Northeast Florida.